Kimiora Eco Resort - Facilities

About Kimi Ora in Kaiteriteri

Kimi Ora means seek health in the Maori language and thats the philosophy that drives Kimi Ora's host and founder Dietmar Glaser.

Originally from Germany, Dietmar has had a life-long passion for health so when he moved to New Zealand with his family in 1984 he set about developing a place where people could nurture and strengthen their health through organic vegetarian food, exercise and relaxation.

Just minutes from the famous Kaiteriteri beach, the 12 hectare bush clad property on Martin Farm Road was the canvas on which Dietmar was to manifest his dream. A visionary, self-taught architect, builder and organic gardener, he has developed a totally unique resort that combines the finest European pampering with the best New Zealand has to offer. There is something to delight everyone whether it is the exotic spa treatments, a delicious summer salad or the simple beauty of a bird call.



We support the Tasman Bay Guardians

Tasman Bay Guardians are a group of passionate marine conservationists and educators dedicated to improving the health of the aquatic spaces of Te Tai o Aorere / Tasman Bay. 

Their strategy engages the major environmental pressures on Tasman Bay, identifying stakeholders and potential solution pathways.

They follow the three facets of Conservation, Collaboration and Education. 

From small projects such as cleanups, plantings, restorations and others they hope to achieve much greater things by creating positive interactions amongst the stakeholders in the marine space.

Energy Saving

95% of light bulbs are energy efficient
We encourage guests to turn off lights
Solar water heating
Efficient heat pumps
Spa and indoor pool are covered

Water Conservation

2020 is the first year we are sponsoring a local school to host a program through Tasman Bay Guardians. They are a marine conservation group working towards healthy fresh water and marine ecosystems in Te Tai o Aorere Tasman Bay. Their varying roles include educational delivery, facilitating clean-ups and litter audits, community collaboration on aquatic restoration projects, and advocating at a governance level, participating in a suite of local and national biodiversity forums and working groups.


 Our personal health and the health of the environment are intimately linked. Recognising this connection we endeavour to tread lightly. Our buildings are constructed from a renewable timber source. We have also planted over 2200 trees on the property and worked with the Department of Conservation to re-establish wetlands near the estuary.