Spa at Kimiora Eco Resort


Kimi Ora Wellness & Beauty Spa - Manicures & Pedicures






Nail Shape & Polish

When you need a quick freshen up of your nail polish colour, this is the one. 

Allow 15 mins $30.00

Petite Manicure or Pedicure

Soak, exfoliation, file & paint or buff

Allow 30 mins
Manicure $40.00
Pedicure $45.00






Spa Manicure

Rest and relax while we care for your hands, cuticles and nails.
Includes soak, exfoliate, file nails, hand massage and colour nail polish to finish or nail buff.

Allow 60mins $60.00

Spa Pedicure

Sit and watch your feet transform before your eyes. Includes massage & colour nail polish to finish or nail buff.

Allow 60 mins $70.00

Gel Nail Polish

Smudge proof manicure that lasts 2-4 weeks. Walk away with gorgeous nails that are dry instantly. Lovely        colours with the bonus of zero damage to your nails.

Allow 45 mins $45.00  OR ….

As an ADD-ON to your Manicure or Pedicure
Allow an extra 15 mins   $25.00

Gel Polish Soak Off Removal

Allow 20 mins $20.00

Warm Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet

Paraffin treatment smoothes and softens dry, chapped, rough and scaly skin. It also soothes chronic joint pain and relaxes stiff muscles, it improves blood flow to the treated area. It can be helpful for chronic skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis

Allow 15 mins
as an ADD-ON to a Manicure or Pedicure  $15.00

Allow 30 mins
for Paraffin Treatment only $45.00


Callus Peel for Cracked Heels

This meticulous callus removing pedicure treatment gently penetrates into the dead skin on the heels,          softening callus’s on those problematic areas and enables dead skin to be gently scraped off without the use of  harsh implements or excessive filing. You get great results after just one treatment and it’s completely painless     and leaves no sensitivity.

Treatment only
Allow 30 mins          $40.00

As an ADD-ON to a Pedicure
Allow 15 mins          $25.00